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Indeed, sometimes McCain doesn't just look as though she has been made up to be camera ready she veers into Norma Desmond ready for my close up territory. The chances of getting a candid photograph have become slim. Nothing remains uncalculated when one's public life is lived in the shadow of a detail and a press pool.

"This is Project Runway," says Heidi Klum, and without further ado we are into Season 5 of the gold standard of reality louis vuitton backpack uk competitions winner of a Peabody Award! and the possibly soon to be extracted jewel in the Bravo diadem. It is slated to move next year to Lifetime, into whose gynocentric Weltanschauung it will less compatibly fit. But I would guess that the fans will find it, wherever it is.

I am sitting at a glossy desk in an office that looks like something out of Ugly Betty: great views of Manhattan, huge black and white photos of famous people on the walls, rails of sumptuous things in cashmere and jewel colours. Michael Kors, the louis vuitton backpack uk man who, having made bare, tanned legs fashionable in all weathers, and is probably single handedly responsible for the plight of the polar bears (he is fond of using fur), is regaling me with stories about the fashion business. He has been watching Whitney Houston on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Bulgari Boutique, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora.Burberry Touch Luminous oriental with pepper, orange, rose and vanilla notes. 3.5 ounces. $75. Burberry Boutique, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora and Neiman Marcus.Calvin Klein Truth Woodsy oriental with patchouli and vanilla notes. 3.4 ounces. $56. Sephora and Nordstrom..

Producer Cynthia Cidre, who also wrote the pilot episode, says that the show's young and very attractive cast members will play a key role in the success of the new Dallas. approaching this as a grounded family drama, Cidre says. much most of the scenes involve both generations. I'm not setting out to separate them.

This week, in gratitude to the doctor and hospital that helped save his life, Douglas appeared at a gala benefit in Montreal for the McGill Head and Neck Cancer Fund. But he was louis vuitton backpack uk flying solo: Zeta Jones, who was recently diagnosed and treated for bipolar II disorder, was at work on a film louis vuitton backpack uk in the United States. Their family has gone through some unspeakably tough trials, but it appears things are happily back on track. At the gala, the dapper Douglas posed for countless pictures and chatted with guests, adamant about spreading the word that cancer can be beaten and a positive attitude is key. While on vacation at his farm outside Mont Tremblant in 2010, Douglas sought a second opinion from Dr. Saul Frenkiel, a head and neck surgeon at Montreal Jewish General Hospital. The chilling news: Douglas had a walnut sized tumour on the back of his tongue. It was malignant.

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